How large is the space? 
  It's massive.  The entire space occupies 12,000sf.  The dimensions are roughly 52' across by 230' long.  The ceiling height is 12' to the wood beams and approximately 20' to the center peak.   There are 5 thin columns in the space but the majority of the room is column-free.  The first word out of almost everyone's mouth when they walk in for the first time is: "Wow".

What's included with the space rental? 
 Lots of stuff.  Unless other arrangements have been specified, the rental includes use of all of our furniture and props, electric power, parking, loading dock with motorized conveyor belt, wardrobe room complete with rolling racks, hangers, iron, steamer & 4 tall director's chairs, hi-speed WiFi, green room, audio system w/turntable and iPod running Apple Music,   Italian espresso machine, microwave,   refrigerator, backdrop stands with gray & green seamless, and various supplies such as extension cords, ladders, spring clamps, fans, tools, etc.  You will not be nickel & dime'd at Zen Space. 

What's not included in the space? 
If you prefer not to handle your own garbage disposal at the end of the day we can offer that service for an additional fee (based on number of bags) and we charge an additional fee if you need access to the large freight elevator (11,000 lb max) in our neighbor's space, or access to an additional 150 amp, 3-phase power

Do you offer equipment rentals? 
Yes, we do!   We have an arrangement with a local vendor who will offer excellent rates on camera, grip & electric rentals from individual items to full packages.   They include a variety of RED cameras, lenses, Tungsten, Daylight & LED lighting packages,  and all sorts of grip items.    Drop-off and returns can be arranged to save you the hassle.   Feel free to email your equipment wish-list and we will get back to you with a quote

Do you offer furniture &/or prop rentals? 
We do!    There is a 40,000sf furniture & prop rental facility located right here in our complex.  Visit Bergen Office Furniture.   Ask for Ira and tell him you're shooting at Zen Space to receive special rates

Do you provide tables & chairs? 
 We have 3 tables that each seat 4 people comfortably, plus approximately 25 chairs.   If you require additional tables or chairs there's a party rental company right here in our complex

What is the parking & load-in like? 
 It's super-easy.  We have a large parking lot right outside our building.    Equipment trucks can back right up to our own private loading dock and unload.   We have a motorized conveyor belt which will carry gear right up to our space.    We're on the second floor so it's also relatively easy to bring select items up by hand.   For oversized items that are too big for the conveyor belt like large pieces of furniture or set pieces you can either bring them up by hand or use a nearby optional freight elevator for a nominal fee

How does the conveyor belt work?
The conveyor belt is operated by a switch located near the loading dock door.  It can run in both directions, for loading-in and out.   If you're planning on loading multiple items we recommend you station someone at the top to receive the items as they come up

Is your space quiet enough to record audio?
Our studio is not soundproof but it is surprisingly quiet.   We are on the top floor and the only thing below us is a warehouse full of boxes.   Aside from an occasional truck pulling in or backing up there is very little activity in the surrounding area.   The old wood floors also help to absorb sound so you will find that there is very little echo for such a large space.   You should be fine recording interviews and audio

Can we leave gear overnight?
The space is locked and alarmed overnight plus there is an overnight & weekend security guard in the complex.  The surrounding residential neighborhood is quiet & safe.  Gear can be left overnight at your own risk.  Zen Space will not be held responsible for any damage or theft to gear left overnight

Is there heating & air conditioning?
 We have three large, industrial heaters to keep the space warm in winter.   Keep in mind that they will need to be turned off intermittently if you will be recording sound.    The space is not air conditioned but it stays relatively comfortable since we have windows on both sides and large fans to circulate the air.   If need be, you can arrange to hire an outside service to rent portable units or pump in A/C from ducts placed outside the building

Are there any additional support rooms?
 Our client lounge is approximately 13' x 10' and comes with chairs,  tables and telephone.  Our wardrobe room is approx.  20' x 13' and comes with 4 heavy-duty, rolling wardrobe racks, 30 hangers, an ironing board & iron, a steamer, 4 tall director's chairs and a desk.  For larger productions that require additional support space we have a beautiful 3,000sf loft right next door that can be rented for an additional fee.

How much electric power is in the space?
Our loft comes with 150 amp, 3-phase service.   If needed you can access an additional 150 amp, 3-phase service from our loft next door for an additional fee.  Please note the studio does not have cam-lock connectors or a distro box so you will need to bring your own equipment if you plan on tie-ing in to our electric panel.

Can we bring our own generator?
 Yes. There is an area where you can park a generator on the ground floor and easily run your cables up through an open window on our 2nd floor.  Please let us know in advance if you plan on bringing your own generator.

Can the windows be blacked out?
 Yes. We can black out the windows with 1-day's notice for a nominal $100 charge

Does the studio have a cyc wall?
 Unfortunately no, but we do have stands, high ceilings and plenty of space to set up a seamless backdrop
Do you require insurance?
 Yes. We require an insurance certificate naming Zen Space LLC and RJS Corp as additionally insured.​​​​​​​  Click here to download a sample COI.   If you don't have insurance you can still rent the studio through a third-party  website that includes insurance

What are your rates?
 Since every production is different we don't have set rates.   We base our rates on the size and impact of each project.  The rates for a print shoot with 12 people & 2 vans will be different from a film shoot with 50 people & 4 trucks.   Please fill out this brief online form which will provide us with the necessary details to work up an estimate.   Once it's complete drop us a quick email to let us know and we'll get back to you asap.   We will do our best to work with your budget.

Can you help us out with other problems or issues that may arise?
Yes!   We come from a production background so we're all about creative problem-solving!   We will do our best to assist your production in anyway possible,  be it help sourcing a hard to find prop, picking up talent from the train station,  making dinner reservations for your clients or recommending a place nearby to find great Pad Thai.  We're here to help your production run smoothly!

What's nearby?
Lots of stuff!   Although Zen Space is located inside an industrial complex there is a wealth of useful and interesting places right nearby from Dunkin' Donuts, to Home Depot, Trader Joe's to homemade empanadas.   Check out our contact list for nearby options

Can we play our own music?
Sure,  we have a a great-sounding analog sound system with a dedicated iPod running Apple Music so you can feel free to select and play your own music,  or we'd be happy to curate an awesome setlist to keep your production groovin'

Can we pet &/or play with Milo?
Absolutely.   He loves all men, women & children (equally), and he loves affection.   Scratch his ears or rub his belly and you're his new best friend.   Plus he's crazy smart and knows a few tricks.   He's even modeled for Petco, The Company Store catalog, TJ Maxx and others.  But he's not so good around other dogs so please don't bring your own pets to set.   If you have any issues at all with being around dogs please let us know in advance and we can leave Milo at home 

What have previous clients said about shooting at Zen Space?  
"It was a pleasure working with Glenn and Zen Space for our recent production. He made it all very seamless with the location & logistics of the day, which took a great deal of pressure off.  They were very easy to work with, understanding of production and all involved. The location itself is very accommodating for many types of production and needs".
-Clair Grupp, Freelance Executive Producer, StrawberryFrog

“I’ve shot at Zen Space and it was a very smooth day. Beautiful location with lots of varied looks. Plenty of space for parking, holding, and staging.  As a location manager, this is an ideal space.”
-Joe Cecchini, Location Manager

"The space was perfect for what we needed. Glenn and Zen Space welcomed us with a wonderful multi-use space and really was an amazing host for our shoot. Would recommend his space (and already have) to anyone in need of a great space for all shoots. Thanks!"
-Collin Fioriglio, Producer/Director

Z E N  S P A C E 
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