• Interviews for a promotional video 
• Crime re-enactment scenes for an upcoming Mini-Series 

 Pharma Interview 
 Netflix documentary 
 Corporate in-house video 
 Seton Hall basketball promo 
 Branded content shoot with author & mindfulness teacher Jillian Pransky 
 Promotional video for TaxAct 
 Fashion shoot for streetwear brand Track23 
 NYU Thesis film 
 Hip Hop music video shoot 
 Remote church sermon 
Re-enactment scenes for ABC's 20/20 
Independent Film "Souls of Men" 
 Interview with world-renowned laser surgeon Dr. Eric Bernstein 
Investigation Discovery / On The Case with Paula Zahn 
Fashion shoot 
Indie film shoot 
Online Educational Series
 Branded Content for Kingsford Charcoal 
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